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July 30, 2015 |

Canteens and Coffee

I posted this outfit on Instagram a week ago when I wore it. While I love getting dressed up, sometimes the summer heat in Durham is just to much, not to mention, who runs errands in heels? Plus, this is just one of those easy looks I can throw on and know without even checking a mirror that all is good. Does that make sense? What do you throw on in those moments?

This bag from 3 Lily Pads is a new favorite of mind simply because it’s so different than anything I’m used to carrying. I love it’s unique shape and the colors are just perfect for summer.

Canteen Bag 4 Canteen Bag 5 Canteen Bag 6 Canteen Bag

I think I have told y’all before, but I typically don’t wear shorts. I am EXTREMELY self conscious about my legs and usually I wont even try them on. However, with the heat and feeling like I’m suffocating in jeans, I broke down this summer and actually really like this pair. Maybe it’s age, or maybe I’m just sweating all the time, but I need to just learn to love my cheerleader legs and realize they are never going to be skinny and I am never going to have a thigh gap. 🙂 And that’s okay my husband says because they are strong! (I think he just tries to make me feel better!).

Thanks for reading! I appreciate it so much! Make sure to check out 3 Lily Pad bags! So adorable!

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