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June 02, 2015 |

Monday, May 18th and I feel it’s time to start this amazing week with a Haute Flash feat. 3 Lily Pads.

Maybe some of you don’t instantly recognize the name of this brand but, for all those living in 305, this name is the vivid representation of a business model full of success, daily effort and most of all, increasing development within the fashion world.

To me, more than a simple article it’s an honor to be talking about 3 Lily Pads for being, Fiorella Di Lorenzo, one of the creative minds behind this brand. Mrs. Di Lorenzo (as I used to call her) was my Advanced Construction and Patternmaking teacher at The Arts Insitute and just as she told during our cousy interview “… you were not in this world when I started working within the fashion industry”. This funny yet outrageous comments made me realize a little bit more the reason on Fiorella’s success as a professional and the imminent success of 3 Lily Pads under her creative direction.

The brand’s name has a lot of meaning for being a direct representation of Mrs. Di Lorenzo’s sons (3 Lily Pads). Next to Richard Pennell (CEO), both inject tons of experience to the brand when talking about fashion, marketing and management. The niche of 3LP is centered in offering leather bags and accessories with diverse visual aspects capable of satisfying a wide range of customers. It was during February 2015 that 3 Lily Pads launched their first collection with a myriad of prints and multifunctional designs. This Debut Collection is inspired on the exquiste details of italian tailoring making each piece a balanced combination between sophistication and sporty elegance.

Despite offering their products to women mainly, I personally think that some of their bags can be considered unisex pieces. My favorite models are: the Saugatuck Briefcase, the Tahoe Bucket, the St. Clair Tote and the Buoy Mini Backpack. The Tahoe Bucket was the one I used within my “Cristallis” J3 Look a few weeks ago and I must confess, that even it looks very petite, this baby bag can fit all your daily essentials and even more. Each one of these bags are part of the four main lines of the brand’s first collection: Mid-Century, Midtown, Resort and Saville Row.

Without doubt, the 3 Lily Pads pieces are clean in design but with striking visuals and extreme functionality, effortlessly making them personal fashion stataments. If you want to know more about the bags, the designer or future collections, don’t hesitate to enter their official web page www.3lilypads.com.