Not just another marketing meeting

February 09, 2015 | Fiorellas Files

I thought it was just going to be another Friday afternoon marketing meeting. Yes, another meeting in which the first 30 minutes is always very productive, but when you hit minute 31 you know there’s not much more you can absorb. Well that day was no different because at half past 5:00pm, just as the sponge between my ears started the shutdown process, I was jolted back to life with… the WORD!

The marketing team seemed to sing the WORD to me like an acappella choir in perfect unison and harmony. As the WORD left their mouths, it came towards me in super slow motion and even though I tried to duck out of the way, the WORD hit me right between the eyes — BLLLOOOOGG! You heard it, “Blog”.

human braiding hair
Everyone’s eyes were fixed on me to gauge my reaction, but I don’t think they got what they expected. My face sort of contorted into many peculiar shapes, some new ones I’ve never made before and some I’ve not experienced since I was 13 and had to dissect a worm in biology class. The first words out of my mouth weren’t exactly what they expected either, “Did you say I have my own blog – are you nuts?” I think it came out a little harsh because their faces made similar contortions. “Yes, your very own blog”, they said. That strange little word that I really never understood or tried to even figure out. I kind of remember that WORD being discussed in an earlier meeting, but it must have been brought up after the 30 minute mark.

So, that was the day I was formally introduced to the reality that I would be writing my very own blog. As I listened more to the extremely patient and supportive marketing team, the trepidation of having my own blog started to fade. Actually, by minute 40 I realized there was no reason to be afraid of that WORD at all. Frankly, in a brief 10 minutes, I went from terror to being excited. Having my personal, intimate little corner on our website to share ideas and thoughts that I love to discuss with my friends and colleagues anyways, started to make a lot of sense. I suddenly wasn’t in that meeting room anymore. I started to fantasize about all the potential topics I could write about and even where I would be writing the blogs. I remember putting myself in a French café, on a beautiful morning having a cappuccino and writing about all the things that were flowing through my head about fashion, design, and being a working mother and juggling a family. A girl can dream can’t she ☺.

Okay, so here is my very first blog. It’s a blog about how I started my blog. I can’t wait to do my second, third and many more blogs now that I’m over the hump and understand how much fun and informative it can actually be. However, I have one request. For this to be something truly special, I need your involvement too. This isn’t just about me, this is our blog. 3 Lily Pads depends on you and your feedback, and will always appreciate your thoughts.

So that is how everything started, during a Friday afternoon marketing meeting that wasn’t just another marketing meeting.